Agent Simple "Shaking An Egg"
Format: 7"

I Canīt Think of anything
Better Days

Shaking an egg is a pop journey with Agent Simple. Agent Simple knows how to make pop songs, and here are four memorable songs for you to sing along to. On this record his dark voice is mixed with the wonderful voice from Formelette, and they sound great together. You have to go back to the days when Beat happening was at there best to get the feeling of lo-fi romance that you get from Agent Simple. This is the first release from the Swedish label Fridlyst. The ep comes with a screen printed cover and itīs limited to 500 copies.

"Agent Simple make wonderful pop music. There are echoes of Joe Meek, The Magnetic Fields and Jens Lekman in there, which are coupled with Stefan's disarmingly intimate lyrics."

Myzine"In taking a couple of ethics courses at school, I came across a certain trend called "simplified living" or something like that, that some of the students had described as their choice of lifestyle. Basically it seems to consist of the removal of all kinds of intense media from one's life. They don't listen to the radio, they don't own a television, or any books (libraries only), one pair of shoes, not more than one kind of dish and utensil, very few clothes, this kind of thing. Some of you readers may be more familiar and can fill in my gaps. But it's just occurring to me now that Agent Simple is some hulking, warped version of that same ideal. However, he seems to love intense media, and is exhausted by the constant barrage of having to talk to people. It would be tragic, if he weren't so damn contented about the whole thing, and he didn't write such chewy, glistening pop songs from his couch of isolation." Said the gramophone